Working on a couple of projects at the moment. Trying to over come supply problems. finding company's that makes thing for me is a problem. In house items is not a problem.

26/7/ 2016
Sorry if you have not had a reply from a email you sent. I have been busy and dont get much time on here because of my day job. Thanks Richard

I have been work on many thinks. I have made moulds for 1/5 mosquito  wings fairings. This is for the cowls to wing. also have mouldings for the cowl the bottom oil coolers. pictures to follow. also working on retro glider fuselages mainly for solent sailplanes designs.

After having problems getting canopy's done. I have found a new company that can do the job and now have them back in stock.

Just about to move. new address is on contact page phone number to come. also mobil number has been put up. please only ring in the evenings in the week. or send me a text message any time and i will reply when free.


ME109 picture added to plans page.

New details on contact page.

I have move to Sherborne, Dorset. will up date details shortly.

Coming soon.
Partnership. This a new version of the old partner and performer that was kitted in 1992. news version is built up. It will be available as a plan and parts as well as a kit. Also coming is the pioneer again first came out in 1992. Both designs are 96" wingspan and designed around the 20 to 45 cc engines.

Pioneer ( spacewalker look-a-like)

Both designs have plug in wings and also can have plug in tailplane halfs. This is shown on plan.